No Chlorine Shortage at Purify

We have come across several articles recently that mention an impending chlorine shortage during this upcoming summer season. We’d like to address any concerns that Purify’s customers may have regarding chlorine supply this summer.

Chlorine comes in a few different forms. Due to a chemical plant fire last year, there is currently a nationwide supply shortage of trichlor — a tablet form of chlorine primarily used in residential applications. This trichlor shortage is expected to extend for at least many more months, perhaps even into 2022. 

However, Purify’s customers will not be impacted by the trichlor shortage. Purify’s chlorine product is bleach (i.e. sodium hypochlorite). Our supply of bleach and other chemicals is supported by a strong supplier network, stored in Purify-owned chemical storage facilities, and distributed by Purify’s exclusive tanker fleet. As such, we expect no interruptions or delays to our usual service in the coming months.

Purify customers will enjoy consistent and timely chemical deliveries this summer, just like any other summer!


Purify Team

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